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25th October 2017, Lloyd's Register, London
'Corrosion Protection of Offshore Structures Using Thermal Spray Coatings', Shiladitya Paul, TWI
'Performance of Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) in Marine Environments - A fundamental study of the effect of seawater constituents', Rosa Grinon, University of Leicester
‘Interpreting Offshore CP Field Data’, Alex Delwiche, Deepwater EU Ltd
‘Corrosion of Cemented Tungsten Carbide (WC-Co) with a View to Understanding Degradation of Drill Bits’, Stephen Herd, Southampton University

5th July 2017, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham
‘The Effect of Chlorine Dioxide on Corrosion in Seawater’, Roger Francis, RF Materials
'Direct Observation of Hydrogen Embrittlement in a Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Weld', Pierfranco Reccagni, Corrosion and Protection Centre, School of Materials, The University of Manchester
'The Real-Life Challenges when Protecting Marine Structures', Lee Spoor, Sherwin-Williams
'Coating Recommendation Case Study for Pipeline Rehabilitation', Ramoon Ahmed, ROSEN UK

25th April 2017, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen
'High Alloy Stainless Steels for Seawater Heat Exchangers', Nicolas Larché, Institut Corrosion, France
'Stainless Steels and Chlorides - A Good Idea or Not?', Robert Conder, Engineering Materials Solutions Ltd
‘Non-Destructive Testing in a Marine Environment’, Patricia Conder & Graham Marshall, Sonomatic Ltd
‘Assessment of Effects of Cavities and Narrow Channels on CP Design in the Marine Environment’, Tim Froome, BEASY
Concerns Over Utilizing Aluminium Anodes in Sealed Environments’, Alex Delwiche, Deepwater EU Ltd

25th January 2017, Lloyd's Register, London
‘A New Risk-based Method for Assessing Microbiological Induced Corrosion’, Matin Momeni, DNV-GL
‘Optimisation and Validation of Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment – Prediction vs Reality’, Lewis Barton, MACAW Engineering
‘Designing Marine Reinforced Concrete Structures to Achieve Best Possible Up-throw of Current from Immersed Anodes to Bars above the Water Level’, John Baynham, BEASY
‘Corrosion Failure Investigations and the Role of an Expert Witness’, Phil Munn, Midland Corrosion Services Ltd

26th October 2016, Lloyd's Register, London
Asset Integrity Management and The Law’, Andy Duncan, Intertek Production and Integrity Assurance
The Effects of Microstructure and Material Hardness on the HAC and Corrosion Susceptibility of Martensitic Stainless Steels’, Michael Lowden, Rolls-Royce
'Hull Biofouling - Still An Area Of Growth', Stuart Downie, Lloyd’s Register EMEA
'Role of Highly Concentrated Solutions in Atmospheric Corrosion of Austenitic Stainless Steels', Steven Street, University of Birmingham

6th July 2016, National Motorcycle Museum, Birminghham
Susceptibility of Low-temperature Plasma Nitrided 17-4 PH to Sulphide Stress Cracking in H2S-containing Environments’, Mario Coseglio, University of Birmingham
Microbially Influenced Corrosion of Copper-Nickel Tubed Marine Coolers: investigations and solutions’, Robin Oakley, QinetiQ
The Selection of Gaskets for Stainless Steel Seawater Piping Systems’, Roger Francis, RF Materials
Developments in ‘Fitness for Purpose’ Sour Service Corrosion Testing’, Phil Dent, Exova

19th April 2016, Palm Court, Aberdeen
Developments in Coating Inspection Methods’, John Fletcher, Elcometer (President of ICorr)
Internal Corrosion Issues within Offshore Wind Monopile Foundations’, Claire Canning, EDF Energy/IDCORE
New Duplex Stainless Steel for Line Pipe Material in Slightly Sour Environment’, Toshio Mochizuki, NSSMC
200 Year Old Technology Still Delivering Hard to Beat Cost Effective Protection - how the excitement of new technology risks us overlooking the continuing advantages of the old’, Geoff Crowley, Highland Galvanizers & Colour Coaters
'Effective Implementation of Asset Integrity Management Systems With Visualisation Tools’, Jozef Soltis, MACAW Engineering Ltd

Internal Corrosion and CP of Monopiles’, Robin Jacob, CP Consultancy & Brian Wyatt, Corrosion Control
The Use of Superduplex Stainless Steel in Low Oxygen Injection Waters’, Roger Francis, RF Materials
Cathodic Protection Retrofits - The Silence of the Codes’, Chris Googan, Anticorrosion Engineering
An Engineering Guide to Nickel Aluminium Bronze’, Ivan Richardson, Copper Alloys & CDA

21st October 2015, Lloyd's Register, London,
'Subsea Small Bore Tubing - Material Selection and Corrosion Risk Assessment’, Marco Rapone, GE Oil & Gas
Biofouling and Corrosion in High Energy Tidal Environments’, Thomas Vance, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
‘Brighton Marina Breakwaters: Developing a Corrosion Management Strategy’, Jim Preston, Corrosion Prevention Ltd
Influence of Localized Pit Distribution & Bench-Shaped Pits in the Ultimate compressive Strength of Steel Plating for Shipping’ Yikun Wang, Julian Wharton & R Shenoi, University of Southampton

8th July 2015, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham,
The Findings From HSE's KP4 Programme On Ageing & Life Extension’, Andy Duncan, DWT Intertek Production & Integrity Assurance
HISC of Super Duplex Stainless Steel in Offshore Application’, Xiaoxue An, Technip Umbilical Ltd
Subsea Friction Welding with ROVs or Divers for Cathodic Protection Retrofit Offshore’, Stuart Harvey & Dave Gibson, Proserv UK Ltd
'Marine Growth Prevention Systems’, Julianna Measures, Cathelco

21st April 2015, Palm Court, Aberdeen
'External Corrosion Control of Submerged and Buried Pipelines by means of Coatings and CP', Trevor Osborne, Imm Past President ICorr & Deepwater Corrosion Services
'Galvanic Anodes - Boring? Easy?’, Ross Fielding, Impalloy
The Links Between Subsurface Deformation and Tribocorrosion Performance of Stainless Steels in CO2 Environments', Michael Bryant, University of Leeds
'Materials for Seawater Applications: PREN as a Selection Criteria’, Jozef Soltis, MACAW Engineering
'Destructive Interference in Cathodic Protection: Examples Identified through Simulation', John Baynham, CM BEASY

28th January 2015, Lloyd's Register, London
Corrosion Control of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures - specification, application and performance of coating systems’, Thomas Walsh, RWE
Cathodic Protection System Selection for Corrosion Mitigation Inside Offshore Wind Turbine Monopiles’, Robin Jacob, CP Consultancy
Understanding Corrosion Protection by Formation of Iron Carbonate Films in CO2 Conditions’, Danny Burkle, University of Leeds
'CP and Structural Assessments of Aging Jetties - What Laid Beneath', Chris Lynch, Corrpro Companies Europe

15th October 2014, Lloyd's Register, London
Improving HISCC Resistance of ZERON 100 Super Duplex Stainless Steels’, Glenn Byrne, Rolled Alloys
Corrosion Issues on Ships’, Clive Tuck, Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Offshore Environments. Have we seen the limits of microbial action?’, Felipe Leon Morales, Endures (TNO), Netherlands
Corrosion Performance of Metals for the Marine Environment - a different perspective?’, Carol Powell, Copper Development Association & Nickel Institute

2nd July 2014, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham
'CP Strategies for FPSOs', Alex Delwiche, Deepwater EU Ltd
'Military Wrecks and Corrosion Management', Matt Skelhorn, Salvage & Marine Operations, MoD
The Resistance of Stainless Steels to MIC’, Roger Francis, RF Materials
Advances in the Inspection and Assessment of Corrosion in Engineering Structures’, Shaun Smalley & Alex McLay, TUV Rheinland Sonovation Ltd.

15th April 2014, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen
Corrosion Management of Duplex Stainless Steel Gas Flow Lines’, Janardhan Saithala, DNV GL
Corrosion Challenges of Ageing Offshore Assets’, Pat Stokes, MACAW Engineering Ltd
Effect of Service Conditions on Seawater Corrosion Risk = Influence of Corrosion Potential and Cathodic Efficiency’, Nicolas Larché, Institut de la Corrosion, France
Internal Cathodic Protection of Offshore Sea Water Pump Caissons’, Robin Jacob, CP Consultancy & Brian Wyatt, Corrosion Control
Corrosion in Power Plant Boilers’, Paul James, E.ON Technologies (Ratcliffe) Ltd

22nd January 2014, Lloyd's Register, London
Materials for Diffusion-bonded Heat Exchangers’, Xiuqing Li, Heatric Division of Meggitt (UK) Ltd
'Corrosion Control inside Offshore Wind Farm Monopile Foundations', Lisbeth Hilbert, FORCE Technology, Denmark
'High Strength Cupro Nickels’, Ivan Richardson, Copper Alloys
The Effect of Copper on Crevice Corrosion of Stainless Steels’, Roger Francis, RF Materials  

16th October 2013, Lloyd's Register, London
'Coatings to Replace Cadmium Plating for Bolts for the Marine Atmosphere’, Robin Oakley, QinetiQ
Corrosion Resistant Steel for Cargo Oil Tanks
’, Kenji Katoh & Clive Tuck, Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Knowledge Transfer from Experienced to Novice Engineers’, Harvey Hack, Northrop Grumman Corp., USA
Optimising the Sea Water Corrosion Resistance of Butt Welds in ZERON 100 Pipes’, Glenn Byrne, NeoNickel

10th July 2013, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham  
'High Strength Alloys in the Presence of CP Subsea and the Requirements for Preventing Hydrogen Cracking’, Charlie Barraclough, Commtech Associates
Microbially Influenced Corrosion in both Oil Lubricated and Sea Water Lubricated Stern Tube Systems’, Graham Hill, ECHA Microbiology
Developments (over 25yrs) and Current Practices in Metal Sprayed Coating for Corrosion Protection’, Terry Lester, Metallisation
Corrosion Control and Materials Selection for Optimized Oil and Gas Asset Life’, Janardhan Saithala, GL Noble Denton

16th April 2013. Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen  
Copper Alloys in Marine Environment: Corrosion, Fouling, and Mechanical Behavior’, Andrew Drach, University of New Hampshire, Durham NH, USA
'Nickel Alloys in Subsea and Downhole O&G Applications’, Steve McCoy, Special Metals PCC Energy Group
'The SOHIC Story: A 30 Year Project', Chris Fowler, Exova
'Reflections on 25 Years of Corrosion Management in Oil & Gas Production', Steve Paterson, Shell
Varanus Island Incident: A Technical Review of Lessons Learned, with applications to European Gas and Oil Pipeline Operators’, Brian Wyatt, Corrosion Control

23rd January 2013, HMS Belfast, London
Antimicrobial Copper - a Simple Way to Reduce Contamination in Close Quarters?’, Mark Tur, CDA
25 years of Crevice Corrosion Testing of Stainless Steels, the Period After the Discovery of the Biofilm’, Ulf Kivisäkk, AB Sandvik Materials Technology
Corrosion Protection (Particularly by Organic Coatings) of Steel in Sea Water’, Douglas Mills, University of Northampton
'Marine Corrosion during 25 Years of the MCC/MCF', Roger Francis, RF Materials

24th October 2012, Lloyd's Register, Fenchurch Street, London  
'Full Ring Corrosion Test to Evaluate H2S Corrosion Susceptibility of a Subsea Pipeline in External Sour Environment’, Tanvir Sumon, Saipem Ltd
Effect of Process Variables on Corrosion Behaviour of Duplex Grades’, Janardhan Saithala, GL Noble Denton
Mathematical Modelling of Cathodic Protection Anode Currents - comparison with classical equations, and the impact of interference effects for anode sleds’, John Baynham & Tim Froome, BEASY
Corrosion Issues in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry’, Mike Dale, MACAW Engineering Ltd

11th July 2012, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham   

'Risk Based Inspection Planning for Ageing Oil and Gas Assets', Steve Matthews, Plant Asset Management, Petrofac
Engineering and Material Challenges for Dense Phase CO2 Pipeline Transport in High Pressure Dynamic Flow Mode’, Kumar Patchigolla, Cranfield
Valiant Jetty Project: HMNB Clyde: Faslane: Cathodic Protection’, Brian Wyatt, Corrosion Control Affiliates Ltd, John Thirkettle, Thor Corrosion & Chris Lynch, Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd
Aluminium Alloys for the Marine Environment, Clive Tuck, Lloyd’s Register EMEA

17th April 2012, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen - with Aberdeen branch of ICorr

Advances in Copper Alloy Aquaculture Cages’, Carol Powell, CDA, UK & Langley Gace, International Copper Association, New York
'Preferential Weld Corrosion in a Gas Compression System', Dave Moore, Lloyd's Register EMEA, Aberdeen
Progress in the Understanding of Umbilical Local Environment’, Thierry Cassagne, Total E&P
'Integrating Mathematical Modelling with ROV Survey Data to Improve Interpretation, and Provide Input to Ongoing CP Strategies’, Tim Froome, BEASY
QA/QC Tools to Ensure the Quality of Duplex Stainless Steel Components’, Roger Francis, Rolled Alloys

25th Jan 2012, Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum, London, with AGM  

'Novel Techniques for Studying Corrosion Mechanisms', Trevor Rayment, Diamond, University of Birmingham
'Corrosion Testing Protocols for Ballast Tanks for Ships', Tim Illson, G L Noble Denton
Application of Surface Treatments for the Enhancement of Corrosion Resistance’, John Yarnall, Bodycote Hardiff BV & Phil Dent, Exova
Practical Aspects of Stainless Steel Construction for Marine Applications’, Clive Tuck, LR EMEA

12th October 2011, Lloyd’s Register, London   
Evolution of Cracks from Corrosion Pits’, Alan Turnbull, NPL
Coating of Thermally Sprayed Metal Substrates’, Malcolm Morris, Leighs Paints

'New Investigations on Wall Shear Stresses of Copper Nickel Alloys in Natural and Artificial Seawater', Christos Kapsalis, KME Germany
AG & Co. KG
Pitting Corrosion of Stainless Steel: Measuring and Modelling Pit Propagation’, Majid Ghahari, University of Birmingham

 6th July 2011, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham  

'Mechanisms of Localised Corrosion of Aluminium Alloys', Alison Davenport, University of Birmingham
Corrosion vs. Safety vs. Sustainability - The Responsibility of the Corrosion Engineer (Examples in some aluminium alloys), Chris Wheatley, CJ Wiretech Ltd
Corrosion Protection of Offshore Structures Using Coatings’, Shiladitya Paul, TWI

Hybrid Electrochemical Treatment of Marine Concrete Structures’, Gareth Glass, Concrete Preservation Technologies

12th April 2011, Tuesday, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen - with Aberdeen branch of ICorr   

Corrosion Fatigue Testing of Tensile Wires for Flexible Pipelines’, Paul Wood, CAPCIS
Optimization of Retrofit CP Systems using Mathematical Modeling by Evaluating Performance of Remnant and Retrofit CP Systems, Taking into Account Long-term Polarization Effects’, John Baynham, BEASY
Is There Value in Translating New Wireless Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring Technology to Upstream O&G?’, Adrian Bowles, QinetiQ
An Introduction to Asset Corrosion Management in the Upstream Offshore Industry’, Ali Morshed, Wood Group Integrity Management
QA/QC Tools to Ensure the Quality of Duplex Fittings and Other Components’, Roger Francis, Rolled Alloys

 Wednesday 26th January 2011, Lloyd’s Register, London

Development of Standards for Coating Oil Ballast Tanks’, Ole Borring Sørensen, Hempel A/S and IPPIC
'Performance of CuNi-alloys in Chlorinated Seawater - Effect of Surface Conditioning in Sulfide Containing Seawater', Christos Kapsalis, KME Germany AG & Co. KG
‘Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production with Water Injection Systems with Particular Reference to Underdeposit and Pitting Corrosion and Options Available’, Paulette Sidky, CMC Ltd - Corrosion and Materials Consultants
Updating of the old Marine Technology Directorate’s Cathodic Protection Guidelines’, Robin Jacob, Corrosion Consultancy & Cameron Stewart, The Energy Institute

Wednesday 13th October 2010, Kensington, London 

'Strategies for Suppressing Microbial Growth Causing MIC’, Edward Hill, ECHA Microbiology Ltd
Obvious and Not So Obvious Cost Savings Using Ship-borne ICCP’, Barry Torrance, Aish Technologies Limited
An Investigation on the Erosion-corrosion Mechanisms of UNS S31603 using Focused Ion Beam and Transmission Electron Microscopy’, Shiva Rajahram, University of Southampton
'Corrosion of Copper-30% Nickel Submarine Seawater Cooler Tubes', John Galsworthy, QinetiQ.

Wednesday 7th July 2010, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham 

Coatings for Control of Marine Fouling and Microbially Influenced Corrosion’, Bob Akid, Sheffield Hallam University
'The Sheathing of Hot Risers with CuNi', Bernd Sagebiel, KME Germany AG & Co. KG
Use of Arctec (Al-Ti) or Prosion (AlZnIn) in Thermal Spraying to Protect Structures from Corrosion’, Chris Wheatley, CJ Wiretech Limited
The Role of QA/QC in Corrosion Failures - a Case Study’, Roger Francis, RA Materials

Tuesday 13th April 2010, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen

Material Testing in Super Critical CO2 Environments’, Matthew Peet, CAPCIS
Computer Modelling in the Design and Operation of Oil & Gas Fields and its Role in Effective Asset Management’, Robert A Adey, CM BEASY
Modern Surface Analysis Techniques and their Possible Application to Corrosion Issues’, John Sullivan, Midlands Surface Analysis
The Real Cost of Corrosion’, Chris Fowler, Exova and President of NACE International
Numerical Simulations for Design and Monitoring of Offshore Structures’ ICCP Systems’,Jacques Parlongue, Elsyca, Belgium

Wednesday 27th January 2010, Lloyd’s Register, London

   A Nanocomposites Approach to Environmentally Friendly Anti-corrosion Coatings’, John Hay, University of Surrey
   Keynote: 'Marine Corrosion Control - the good, the bad and the ugly', David Moran, Lorina Corrosion Control
   Recent Impressed Current  Offshore Cathodic Protection Solutions’, Jim Britton, Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc
   'Corrosion Experience with 'Marine' Aluminium Alloys', Ben Hooker, Babcock

Wednesday 14th October 2009 Lloyd's Register, London  

'Galvanic Corrosion Performance of High Strength Copper-nickel Alloys in Seawater', Julian Wharton, University of Southampton
'Novel Treatment of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion on Harbour Structures’, Barry Lamb, BAC Corrosion Control Ltd
'Corrosion in Seawater Cooling Systems’, Clive Tuck, Lloyd's Register
'Development of Corrosion Fatigue Testing in Sour Oilfield Environments’, Dean Horspool, Exova/University of Birmingham

Wednesday 8th July 2009, Novotel, Birmingham International   

'Corrosion of Tidal Turbines’, Stephen Turnock, University of Southampton
Effective Assessment of Corrosion Using TOFD and Phased Array Applications’, Tim Armitt, Lavender NDT
'An Interesting Corrosion Problem with Titanium’, Ritchie Brown and Peter Morgan, BAE Systems
'Cathodic Protection of the Thames Barrier', Brian Wyatt, Corrosion Control

Tuesday 7th April 2009, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen

Corrosion Testing in Support of Marine Applications’, Robin Oakley, QinetiQ
Keynote: 'Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Oil & Gas Engineering Applications', John Grubb, ATI-Allegheny Ludlum
CP on Offshore Wind Farms & Renewables’, Ross Fielding, Impalloy
Erosion Corrosion Performance and prediction for Marine Alloys’, Anne Neville and Xinming Hu, University of Leeds
A Material Specification Rationalisation Process’, Ian Hamilton, Aker Solutions

21st January 2009, Lloyd's Register, London

Optical 3D Surface Metrology’, Brian Kyte, Alicona
'ICCP and Anti Fouling’, Steve Ellis, Cathelco
Response of 70-30 CuNi to conditioning pre-treatments and sulphide exposure’, R Oakley & J. Galsworthy, QinetiQ
'Mathematical Modelling of Interactions Between Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection Systems in Offshore Installations’, Robin Jacob, Corrosion Consultancy & Cristina Peratta & John Baynham, CM BEASY

15th October 2008, Lloyd's Register, London 

Keynote: ‘Prediction of the Service Life of Nickel-based Alloys A625 and A59 and Super Austenitic Stainless Steel B66 in Seawater Using In-house Crevice Corrosion Tests’, Anne-Marie Grolleau, DCNS Cherbourg
'B66 : Superaustenitic Stainless Steel : Mechanical and Corrosion Properties. Development in Progress', Anne Pascale Moiroux & Didier Laveze, Aubert et Duval
'Advances in On-Line Corrosion Monitoring Techniques', Mark Mulvaney, Rohrback Cosasco Systems UK Ltd

'An Introduction to IMO – PSPC Coating Specification for Ballast Tanks’, John Carter, Bodycote Testing Ltd

2nd July 2008, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham  

ZERON 21 CLD - a Cast Lean Duplex Stainless Steel’, Roger Francis, Weir Materials & Foundries
Keynote: 'Managing Corrosion in Upstream Hydrocarbon Production', Bijan Kermani, Keytec
'Corrosion of Electronic Components on Phalanx Naval Defence Platforms', Ben Hooker, Devonport Royal Dockyard
On ‘Corrosion Control on Marine Reinforced Concrete’, Brian Wyatt, Co
rrosion Control

8th April, 2008, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen

'Computer modelling of cathodic protection, applications on a harbour integrity design', Ernesto Manuel Santana-Diaz, DNV
Keynote 1: ‘Stress Corrosion Cracking of NAB’, Jean-Loup Heuzé, DCN
Factors Informing the Hydrogen Induced Damage to Steels in Upstream Service’, Frank Dean, Ion Science
Keynote 2: Design and Fabrication Experiences with Titanium in Offshore Platforms’, Torfinn Havn, Ztrong AS, Norway
Oil & Gas Related Corrosion’, Chris Fowler, Bodycote Testing

 23rd January 2008, Lloyd's Register, London 

Corrosion of Welds’, Mike Robinson, Cranfield
Welding, Joining and Corrosion’, Charlie Barraclough, Commtech Associates Ltd
What Reliability Engineers need to know about Corrosion’, John Strutt, Boreas Consulting

10th October 2007, Lloyd's Register, London 

Natural Products for Anti-fouling Coatings’, Lily Chambers, Southampton University & Keith Stokes, DSTL
Keynote: ‘The Replacement of Corrosion-resistant Castings by Fabricated Weld Overlay Components’, Norman Cooper, BAE Systems
'Testing and Experience of Metallic Components in Subsea Hydraulic Control Fluids', Simon McManus, MacDermid Offshore Solutions

 'Learning from Failures 2', Derek Bates, Materials Technology Ltd

4th July 2007, Novotel, Birmingham International 

An Overview of Recent Copper-Nickel Sheathing Studies’, Carol Powell, Nickel Institute
'Thin Film Corrosion Sensors – Combating the Effects of Time and Pilots', Steve Harris, BAE Research Centre
'Expert 3D Software Simulations for Cathodic Protection in Offshore and Marine Environments', Leslie Bortels,  Elsyca, Belgium
Erosion-Corrosion: Models and Physical Understanding – do we have any?, Robert Wood, University of Southampton

3rd April 2007, The Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 

'Some Marine Coating and CP Failures', Chris Googan, Anti Corrosion Engineering
Electrochemical Behaviour of CuNi 90/10 in Chlorinated Seawater under Stagnating Conditions.’, Wilhelm Schleich , KME
'The effect of surface finish on corrosion behaviour of super-duplex stainless steel', Bill Deans, Department of Engineering, Kings College, Aberdeen
Exemplary Long-Term Performance of Certain Materials in Marine Environments’, Bopinder Phull, Consultant (ex LaQue)

24 January 07, Lloyd's Register, London, with AGM

Organic coatings, using results for Scanning Kelvin Probe and Scanning Acoustic Microscopy’, John Sykes, Oxford University
The challenge of Developing Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors for North Sea Application’,
M. Jordan and N. Feasey, Nalco
'Corrosion failure investigation techniques and case studies’,
Robin Oakley, QinetiQ

11 October 2006, Wednesday, Lloyd’s Register, 71 Fenchurch Street, London 

Low Signature ICCP Systems - Recent Developments - Future Concepts’, Barry Torrance (Aish Technologies Ltd)
Application of Physical Scale Modelling to the Evaluation of a ship’s ICCP Systems’,
Horst-Friedrich Arendt (ex-Bundeswehr Technical Centre for Ships and Naval Weapons, Germany)

Long range guided wave pipe inspection for oil pipelines and offshore risers’,
Prof Peter Cawley (Imperial College, London)

 12 April 2006, Wednesday, Novotel, Birmingham International 

Guided Wave Technology at TWI: present & future capabilities’, Graham Edwards (TWI)
Corrosion behaviour of carbon steel, low alloy steel and CRAs in partially deaerated seawater and comingled produced water’,
M. J. Schofield, CAPCIS Ltd
X-ray Tomography Techniques for Localised Corrosion and Environmentally Assisted Cracking Studies
, Brian Connolly (Birmingham University)
'Vistar - The super austenite corrosion solution', Trevor Machin (Vistar Stainless Limited)

25 January 2006, Wednesday, Lloyd’s Register, 71 Fenchurch Street, London  

Identification & protection against ALWC in UK ports, Ian Spring (Corrosion Control Services Ltd)
Copper nickel chromium alloy as a replacement for nickel aluminium bronze in sea water system application
, Jagath Mawella (Sea Technology Group, DPA/MoD)
Avoiding hydrogen embrittlement failures of duplex and superduplex stainless steel in subsea service
, Paul Woollin (TWI)

12 October 2005, Wednesday, Lloyds Register, London 

'Some Standards, Quality & Design Issues in Materials for Seawater Systems, Roger Francis (Weir Materials & Foundries)
Performance Monitoring and Analysis of Ships’ Tank Coatings
, Keith Lucas, Director of Center for Corrosion Science & Engineering, US Naval Research Laboratory

Avoiding corrosion in copper plumbing systems
, Phil Munn (CESL)

6 July 2005, Wednesday, Novotel, Birmingham International  

 ‘Corrosion Performance of NAB Under Seawater Immersion and Erosion-corrosion Conditions’, Rakesh Barik, Julian Wharton  & Robert Wood ( Surface Engineering & Tribology Group, School of Engineering Sciences, Southampton University) & Keith Stokes (DSTL)  
Welding Issues with Copper Alloys, Mike Gittos & Chris Punshon (TWI)
Long-term and Accelerated Corrosion Performance of Cast Nickel Aluminium Bronze in Seawater
, Robin Oakley and John Galsworthy (QinetiQ)
Learning from Failures
, Derek Bates (DRB Materials Technology Ltd)

12 April 2005, Tuesday, Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen  

Keynote:Cathodic Protection of Offshore Systems Based on the New ISO Standard 15889-2.  Some Practical Applications, Svein Eliassen (Statoil)
Development of Very High Strength Copper Alloys with Resistance to Hydrogen Embrittlement and Stress Corrosion
, Clive Tuck (Langley Alloys)

'Oil and Gas Corrosion Related Work'
, Graham Gibb (Lloyds Register EMEA)
Cathodic Protection of reinforced concrete in the marine environment
, Jim Preston (Corrosion Control Services Ltd)

26 January 2005, Wednesday, Lloyds Register, London  

Lean Duplex Stainless Steels, Chris Baxter (Outokumpu Stainless)
'New Magnesium Alloy Technology',
Nick Jeal & Paul Lyon (Magnesium- Elektron)
'Seawater Materials in the Oil and Gas Sector'
, Doug Stannard (Kellogg, Brown & Root)

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