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The Scope of the Marine Corrosion Forum:

The Marine Corrosion Forum (previously the Marine Corrosion Club) exists for frank and relaxed discussion of materials and corrosion matters relevant to the marine and offshore, and associated industries as detailed below.  The Marine Corrosion Club was established in 1988, and in 2003 has altered its name to more closely reflect its stated purpose. Many companies have been members since inception of the association, which indicates the benefits derived from such a unique forum. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat, or any other Management Committee Member (see Contacts).

Scope of the forum

The aim of the Marine Corrosion Forum is to advance the practical, technical and scientific understanding of marine corrosion by providing a forum for the discussion of technical information, arranging presentations on technical subjects, and disseminating information to members.

There are four meetings per year, each with four technical presentations (each of about 40 minutes duration), and occasional additional meetings or seminars as appropriate. Twice a year a world-wide literature search is conducted to provide members with an update of abstracts from papers and publications concerning marine corrosion.

Marine corrosion is considered to be attack in a wide range of marine and related environments, namely seawater, brackish water, concentrated brines, polluted water, fresh water and marine atmospheres. Types of corrosion may be general, crevice, pitting, galvanic, selective phase and microbiological, with recognition also of stress corrosion and corrosion fatigue. Meetings address the corrosion or corrosion resistance of a wide range of materials, for example steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous alloys, composites, plastics, elastomers and others. Corrosion prevention by means of painting, coating or cathodic protection is also within the scope.

The scope of the Marine Corrosion Forum is broad and therefore attracts a wide range of organisations from a variety of industries to the mutual benefit of all members. The technical topics covered at Marine Corrosion Forum meetings will be of interest, for example, to Naval and commercial shipbuilders, ship repairers, merchant shipping companies, fleet operators, suppliers of marine equipment and systems, offshore oil and gas companies involved in exploration and production, material suppliers, classification societies, consultants, research laboratories and corrosion test laboratories.


For benefits of membership see The Forum and benefits explained.  Membership is open to Companies and Organisations with marine and corrosion interests.  A company representative is designated to act as the link with the Forum and to attend the meetings.

The current (2015) annual subscription is only 670.00 for Full Corporate Membership, 420.00 for Sole Traders, which is to cover the cost of the room hire charges, catering and secretariat expenses.  A reduction of 100 per year is offered for prompt payment of renewals. 

Membership is on an annual basis January-December although a pro-rata (quarterly basis) cost is applied for companies joining within this period.  Payment is possible by cheque or EFT.  Credit/debit cards are also accepted by arrangement.

For Overseas Members who cannot attend more than one meeting per year, the annual fee is 420 (with reductions for prompt renewals, but an additional charge if payment is not in sterling).

Details of the Constitution will be supplied upon request. Thank you for your consideration of this information and please contact the Secretariat if you would like more information, or an invitation to attend a future meeting.

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