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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen, in conjunction with ICorr, Aberdeen branch, on Tuesday, 13th April 2010.  


            Phil Dent (MCF Vice-Chairman) – Exova
Robin Jacob (Committee) - Corrosion Consultancy
Matthew Peet (Committee) - CAPCIS
Barry Torrance (Committee) – Aish Technologies
Clive Tuck Committee) – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat
Robert Adey – CM BEASY
Alireza Aghasadeghi - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Elspeth Allen – Conoco Phillips (visitor)
Siji Anjorin - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
David Armstrong - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Jim Britton – Deepwater EU Ltd
Alex Delwiche - Deepwater EU Ltd
James Enby - Deepwater EU Ltd
Chris Fowler – Exova
Graham Gibb - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Jim Glynn – Deepwater EU Ltd
Ian Hamilton – Aker Solutions
Stuart Hamilton - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Clive Harrington – Deepwater EU Ltd
Keith Hart – The Energy Institute (guest)
Elizabeth Hickson – Andrew Palmer & Associates (visitor)
David Hillis – Total E&P UK
Christine Howard – CM BEASY
Christos Kapsalis – KME Germany AG & Co KG
Jing Li – Clyde Pumps  

Shukun Liu - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Cliff McGuire – Exova
Emmanuel Marcus – AMEC (ICorr)
Gary Masters – E.ON Engineering
Abdelkader Mekki – Conoco Phillips (visitor)
John Middleton – Tuscan Corrosion Control (ICorr)
Michael Moffat – Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd (ICorr )
Dave Moore - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Ali Morshed – PSN (ICorr)
Kelvin Ngala - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Eugene Ogosi – DNV (ICorr)
Tolu Otekalu – Aker Solutions
Jacques Parlongue – Elsyca (guest)
Mike Pursell – Consultant (ICorr)
Sayah Saied - Midlands Surface Analysis (guest)
Kushang Sanghavi – DNV (ICorr)
Alistair Seton – Subsea7 (ICorr)
Stephen Shrive – Aker Solutions
John Sullivan – Midlands Surface Analysis (guest)
Tanvir Sumon - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Yee Chin Tang – DNV (ICorr)
Alastair Tawns – Shell
Ed Wade – MetalEcosse Ltd (ICorr)
Richard Waud – Aker Solutions
Edward Whyte - Lloyd’s Register EMEA


Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
Stuart Bond – TWI
Roger Francis – RA Materials
Tony Gerrard – BAC Corrosion Control
Edward Hill – ECHA
Ben Hooker (Committee) – Babcock
Robin Oakley (Committee) – QinetiQ

Carol Powell – CDA
Darren Reid-Hutchings – British Energy
Keith Stokes - DSTL
Julian Wharton (Committee) – Southampton University
Mike Wilson – BAE Systems
Brian Wyatt, - Corrosion Control
Jian-Zhong Zhang – Lloyd’s Register EMEA

The MCF Vice-Chairman, Phil Dent (Exova), opened the meeting.  


1.1  ‘Material Testing in Super Critical CO2 Environments’, Matthew Peet, CAPCIS


2.1      Chris Fowler, President of NACE International, mentioned that there were to be conferences on Carbon Capture in Huston and in Regina, Canada.  These were likely to be chaired by Shell (Canada) and details would be announced shortly.

2.2           Phil Dent announced that a conference on renewable energy applications (tidal, wave, offshore wind-farms) was currently being planned between the Midlands branch of ICorr and the MCF.  Anyone interested in this was asked to see one of the MCF committee.  More details would be released when available.

2.3      Keith Hart from the Energy Institute gave information about their work on Cathodic Protection and other corrosion related activities.  For Cathodic Protection, the EI had inherited all of the Marine Technology Directorate's publications and are in the process of reviewing these.  The one titled 'Design and operational guidance on cathodic protection of offshore structures, subsea installations and pipelines' was first published in 1990 and is now being reviewed by a team of specialists. The 2nd Edition should be available in Q1, 2011.  [In a short presentation at the end of the meeting Keith mentioned Training Courses and Publications offered by the Energy Institute, details of which can be found on their website.]


3.1  Computer Modelling in the Design and Operation of Oil & Gas Fields and its Role in Effective Asset Management’, Robert A Adey, CM BEASY Ltd

3.2  Modern Surface Analysis Techniques and their Possible Application to Corrosion Issues’, John Sullivan, Midlands Surface Analysis, Aston University

3.3 The Real Cost of Corrosion’, Chris Fowler, Exova and President of NACE International

3.4 Numerical Simulations for Design and Monitoring of Offshore Structures’ ICCP Systems’, Jacques Parlongue, Elsyca, Belgium

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 4:40 pm  


The meeting was followed by a meeting of ICorr, Aberdeen branch:-

The Design, Fabrication and Installation of a Multi-Platform Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System, an Operators View’, Mark Richardson, Apache North Sea Ltd

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