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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The Palm Court Hotel, Aberdeen, in conjunction with ICorr, Aberdeen branch, on Tuesday, 19th April 2016.  



Phil Dent (Chairman) - Exova
Gary Masters (Vice-Chairman) – Uniper Technologies Ltd
Robin Jacob - CP Consultancy
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Members & Guests

Adesiji Anjorin – Oceaneering International (ICorr)
Chidi Amaechina – ENGTEQ (ICorr)
Tsutomu Arita - NSSMC (guest)
Richard Baily – Impalloy
Laura Barclay – GE Oil & Gas
Geoff Camm – Deepwater EU Ltd
Claire Canning – EDF Energy/IDCORE
Frances Chalmers - Centrica
Patricia Conder – Sonomatic (guest)
Geoff Crowley – Highland Galvanizers & Colour Coaters (guest speaker)
Alex Delwiche - Deepwater EU Ltd
Muhammad Ejaz – LR-Synergy Ltd
Ross Fielding – Impalloy
John Fletcher – Elcometer/ICorr
Chris Googan – Anticorrosion Engineering
Phil Jackman – EMSL (guest)

Muhammad Ryan Junaldi – University of Aberdeen (student guest)
Rd Panji Maulana – Manchester University (student guest)
Toshio Mochizuki – NSSMC (guest speaker)
Graeme Morrison - Highland Galvanizers & Colour Coaters (guest)
Nobutoshi Murao – NSSMC (guest)
Nigel Owen – Aberdeen Foundries (ICorr)
Jim Preston – Corrosion Prevention
Richard Rae – Cosasco UK (non-ICorr)
Michael Robertson – CAN (ICorr)
Zsolt Ronafalvi – Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd
Alistair Seton – JAS Consulting (UK) Ltd (ICorr)
Jon Sim – GE Oil & Gas
Dean Smith – Cosasco UK (non-ICorr)
Jonathan Smuga - Exova
Jozef Soltis – MACAW Engineering
Reza Tohid – ENGTEQ (ICorr)
Gillian Williams - Intertek
Kenta Yamada – NSSMC (guest)
Michael Young – MACAW Engineering


Henrik Andersen - Shell
George Ballingall - Corrpro
Nick Clark – GE Oil & Gas
Rob Coley – Aish Technologies
Richard Dawson – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Stuart Downie - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Chris Eley – EDF Energy
Steve Ellis – Cathelco
John Galsworthy - QinetiQ
Dean Haley - MoD
Graham Hill – ECHA Microbiology
Briony Holmes - TWI
Tony Horner – Rolls Royce
Qing Lu - TWI
Andrew MacDonald – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Andy Mather – Rolls Royce
Aneel Mumtaz - Cathelco

Robin Oakley – QinetiQ (Committee)
Shiladitya Paul – TWI
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies
Carol Powell – CDA/NI (Committee)
Marco Rapone – GE Oil & Gas
Tom Reid – BAE Systems
Darren Reid-Hutchings – EDF Energy
Ivan Richardson – Copper Alloys
Ian Spring – Corrosion Prevention
Tony Staines – Langley Alloys
Pat Stokes - MACAW Engineering (Committee)
Luke Tandoh – Aish Technologies
Pat Togher – EDF Energy
Clive Tuck – MCF Committee
Geoff Warburton - NeoNickel
Nigel Ward - NI
Gareth Williams – ECHA Microbiology

The MCF Chairman, Phil Dent (Exova), opened the meeting.  


1.1    ‘Developments in Coating Inspection Methods’, John Fletcher, Elcometer (President of ICorr)

1.2   ‘Internal Corrosion Issues within Offshore Wind Monopile Foundations’, Claire Canning, EDF Energy/IDCORE

1.3 ‘New Duplex Stainless Steel for Line Pipe Material in Slightly Sour Environment’, Toshio Mochizuki NSSMC


There were no questions for the Open Forum.

The Chairman reminded attendees that they could obtain a CPD certificate from the meeting by completing a feedback form as required by the awarding associations


3.1  ‘200 Year Old Technology Still Delivering Hard to Beat Cost Effective Protection - how the excitement of new technology risks us overlooking the continuing advantages of the old’, Geoff Crowley, Highland Galvanizers & Colour Coaters

3.2   ‘Effective Implementation of Asset Integrity Management Systems with Visualisation Tools’, Jozef Soltis, MACAW Engineering Ltd

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 4:40 pm  


The meeting was followed by a meeting of ICorr, Aberdeen branch:-

‘The Challenge of Designing and Complying with Ship's Coating Specification’, Raouf Kattan, Safinah

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