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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 2nd July 2008.


Robin Oakley (MCF Chairman) – QinetiQ
Clive Tuck (Past MCF Chairman) – Lloyd's Register
Ben Hooker (committee) - Babcock Marine
David Howarth (committee) – Lloyd’s Register
Matthew Peet (committee) – CAPCIS
Barry Torrance (committee) – Aish Technologies
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat
Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
John Bayham - BEASY
Andrew Bell - Babcock Marine
David Blaby – Babcock Marine
Frank Dean – Ion Science (guest)
Ross Fielding – Impalloy (guest)
Roger Francis – Weir Materials & Foundries
Chris Fowler - Bodycote
John Fowler – Rolls Royce
Dennis Greaves - UWS, MoD
Ian Hamilton – Aker Solutions
Briony Holmes - TWI
Bijan Kermani – Key Tech (guest speaker)
Aneel Mumtaz - Cathelco
Mengyan Nie– Southampton University
Stanley Nwaonu - Impalloy (guest)
Carol Powell – CDA
Darren Reid-Hutchings – British Energy
Keith Stokes - DSTL
Paul Sykes – Langley Alloys
Brian Wyatt – Corrosion Control


Phil Dent (Vice-Chairman) – Bodycote
Robin Jacob (committee) - Corrosion Consultancy
Robert Wood (committee) – Southampton University
Sam Beamish – Mouchel (guest)
Michael Donnelly – Vetco Gray
Trevor Machin – Noel Village Steel Founders
Jagath Mawella - MoD
Klaus Steinkamp – KM Europa Metal
Kevin Woodland –Mouchel (guest)
Jian-Zhong Zhang – Lloyd’s Register

The Chairman (Robin Oakley) opened the meeting.  


This was postponed until after lunch.


2.1    ‘ZERON 21 CLD - a Cast Lean Duplex Stainless Steel’, Roger Francis, Weir Materials & Foundries

2.2     ‘Managing Corrosion in Upstream Hydrocarbon Production’, Bijan Kermani, Keytec


Robin Oakley drew members’ attention to the Forthcoming Programme, copies of which were available at the meeting.  Volunteers for further presentations would be welcomed.  Copies of the accounts were also available.  CPD certificates would, as usual, be available from the Secretariat at the conclusion of the meeting.


3.1.    Ian Hamilton (Aker Solutions) explained that Aker Solutions are initiating a project which will see the deployment of Subsea assemblies but for only a short time period (months rather than 20+ years). In between deployments these assemblies will be stored on the deck of a ship/platform. The fasteners/fastener coating to be used must therefore be conductive when deployed - to gain protection from the CP - and corrosion resistant (including galvanic corrosion) when 'on deck'. His question was: “Does the Forum have any experience / advice on suitable materials and/or coatings which provide protection and which allowed the fasteners to be re-used? ie conductive 'splash-zone resistant. Areas we have looked at include Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) and Zinc-nickel coating applied to L7M - B7M type fasteners and fasteners manufactured from Alloy 625" 

The responses, included the following:  

Robin Oakley (QinetiQ) had conducted a review of possible alternatives to Cadmium plating - for the Aerospace industry. He confirmed that zinc-nickel coating was not a long-term solution. He subsequently offered to provide non-sensitive paperwork on this review. 

John Fowler (Rolls Royce) asked about the efficiency of the applied CP to which Brian Wyatt (Corrosion Control) gave response.  Roger Francis (Weir) stated that Zeron 100 had been used in similar circumstances and had a 20 year history of success (when appropriately heat treated - one failure had been recorded as a consequence of a non-approved thermal treatment). He offered to provide literature supporting this statement. 

The concensus was that TSA and zinc-nickel coatings were unsuitable; whilst use of Alloy 625 was a (very) expensive option.

3.2.   Briony Holmes (TWI) informed the meeting that TWI were setting up three new Joint Investigative Projects: 

If anyone is interested in joining, please contact TWI.

3.3.   Robin Oakley (QinetiQ) brought to the attention of the meeting the Review and Revision of Defence Standard 02-747 (NES 747) Part 3 Issue 1, 'Requirements for Nickel Aluminium Bronze castings and ingots. Part 3. Nickel Aluminium Bronze commercial alloy ingots and sand castings'. 

Comments on areas of concern are invited from companies involved in the specification, manufacture, supply or use of these castings.  A letter of invitation for comment was available at the meeting, or could be obtained from John Galsworthy at by 31/7/08.


4.1   ‘Corrosion of Electronic Components on Phalanx Naval Defence Platforms’, Ben Hooker, Devonport Royal Dockyard, Babcock Marine

4.2    ‘Corrosion Control on Marine Reinforced Concrete’, Brian Wyatt, Corrosion Control

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:30 pm

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