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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 6th July 2011.


     Robin Oakley (Chairman) - QinetiQ
Phil Dent (Vice-Chairman) - Exova
Ian Hamilton (Committee) – Aker Solutions
Ben Hooker (Committee) - Babcock
Robin Jacob (Committee) - Corrosion Consultancy
Gary Masters (Committee) – E.ON New Build & Technology Ltd
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat
Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
Alison Davenport – University of Birmingham (guest speaker)
Roger Francis – Rolled Alloys
John Galsworthy - QinetiQ
Gareth Glass - Concrete Preservation Technologies (guest speaker)
Dennis Greaves - UWS, MoD
Clive Harrinton – Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc
Graham Hill – ECHA Microbiology Ltd

Ryan Jackson – Shell UK
Christos Kapsalis – KME Germany AG & Co KG
Barry Lamb – BAC Corrosion Control Ltd
Carl Minall - Babcock
Aneel Mumtaz – Cathelco Ltd
Stanley Nwaonu - Impalloy
Shiladitya Paul - TWI
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies Limited
Carol Powell – CDA
Daniel Stephenson – London & Scandinavian Metallurgical (guest)
Keith Stokes - DSTL
Alison Weightman  – Rolls-Royce plc
Chris Wheatley – CJ Wiretech Ltd
John Yarnall - Bodycote


     Norman Cooper – BAE Systems
Peter Cutler – NI
Jing Li – Clyde Pumps Ltd
Jagath Mawella - MoD
Steve Paterson – Shell
Matthew Peet (Committee) – CAPCIS
Darren Reid-Hutchings – British Energy

     Clive Tuck (Committee) – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Julian Wharton (Committee) – University of Southampton
Michael Wilson – BAE Systems
Robert Wood - University of Southampton
Jian-Zhong Zhang – Lloyd’s Register EMEA


The Chairman (Robin Oakley) opened the meeting.  


1.1   ‘Mechanisms of Localised Corrosion of Aluminium Alloys’, Alison Davenport, University of Birmingham

1.2  ‘Corrosion vs. Safety vs. Sustainability - The Responsibility of the Corrosion Engineer (Examples in some aluminium alloys)’, Chris Wheatley, CJ Wiretech Ltd


2.1        Carol Powell (CDA) brought to the attention of members a new technical publication (CDA No 206) from Copper Development Association, Copper Alloys for Marine Environments, which has just been published to provide guidance for copper alloy selection in sea water applications.  It describes commercial grades of copper through copper-nickels, bronze, brass and copper beryllium giving an understanding of their properties and corrosion behaviour with suggestions on how to achieve good performance.

         Copies can be obtained from or  a pdf copy can be down loaded from the Publications page of the CDA website


3.1   ‘Corrosion Protection of Offshore Structures Using Coatings’, Shiladitya Paul, TWI

3.2    ‘Hybrid Electrochemical Treatment of Marine Concrete Structures’, Gareth Glass, Concrete Preservation Technologies

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:15 pm

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