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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 10th July 2013.


Robin Oakley (Chairman) - QinetiQ
Phil Dent  - Exova
Robin Jacob - CP Consultancy
Carol Powell – CDA
Clive Tuck – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Brian Wyatt – Corrosion Control Affiliates 
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat
Members & Guests: 
Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
David Bastuba – Heatric Ltd
Chris Eley – EDF Energy
Ross Fielding – Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc
Ed Foakes – Bechtel Ltd (guest)
Roger Francis – RF Materials
John Galsworthy - QinetiQ
Tony Gerrard - BAC Corrosion Control
Dean Haley – MoD

       Graham Hill – ECHA Microbiology Ltd
Terry Lester – Metalisation (guest speaker)
Qing Lu - TWI
Andy Mather – Rolls-Royce
Jagath Mawella – MoD
Gavin Meredith – Rolls-Royce
Joseph Plummer - DSTL
Darren Reid-Hutchings – EDF Energy
Ivan Richardson – Copper Alloys Ltd
Janardhan Saithala – GL Noble Denton (guest speaker)
Tony Staines – Langley Alloys
Pat Stokes - MACAW Engineering Ltd
Ben Turner - Copper Alloys Ltd
Chris Wheatley – CJ Wiretech
Mark Wilkinson – RS Clare & Co Ltd (guest)
Gareth Williams - ECHA Microbiology Ltd
Michael Young – MACAW Engineering Ltd



     David Armstrong - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
John Baynham – CM BEASY
Richard Dawson - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Steve Ellis – Cathelco
Chris Fowler - Exova
Tim Froome – CM BEASY
David Hillis – Total E&P UK
Christos Kapsalis - KME

     Steve McCoy – Special Metals
Gary Masters (Vice-Chairman) – E.ON New Build & Technology Ltd
Steve Paterson – Shell
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies Limited
Jan Przydatek - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Keith Stokes – DSTL
Geoff Warburton – NeoNickel
Michael Wilson – BAE Systems

The Chairman (Robin Oakley) opened the meeting.  


1.1    ‘High Strength Alloys in the Presence of CP Subsea and the Requirements for Preventing Hydrogen Cracking’, Charlie Barraclough, Commtech Associates

1.2    ‘Microbially Influenced Corrosion in both Oil Lubricated and Sea Water Lubricated Stern Tube Systems’, Graham Hill, ECHA Microbiology


2.   OPEN FORUM    

2.1        Andy Mather (Rolls Royce) asked whether anyone had experience with martensitic stainless steels (particularly 12% Cr) and the influence of hardness/tempering temperature upon EAC (specifically hydrogen assisted cracking) susceptibility in marine environments.  In addition any experience of EAC failures of these types of material due to excessive hardness. 

Roger Francis (RF Materials) said he had had experience of 17/4PH bolts cracking when operating at a temperature of 74°C and splashed with seawater.  Tests were carried out on a number of heat treated conditions of the bolts and it was found that the heat treatment which gave  lowest strength (0.2% Proof Strength 725MPa) was the one which was able to survive this environment.  It is a fact that strength has to be sacrificed if resistance to SCC is required.  It was recommended that reference be made to Sedrick’s book on stainless steel corrosion (A.J.Sedricks  ‘The Corrosion Stainless Steel Steels’, J Wiley 1979) for details of the performance of different stainless steels and the particular conditions when stress corrosion occurs.  If stress corrosion cracking is known to be a potential problem for a stainless steel in a particular environment, then fracture mechanics testing would be recommended to find out the threshold stress which needs to be considered.

2.2    The Chairman announced the recent death of Brian Angel (MoD), who had been a member of the Marine Corrosion Club (as it was then) in the early days.  He had been based at Holton Heath, and many of the MCF would have known him, including for his book on corrosion behaviour, materials & marine environments.

3.         MCF NEWS

The 2014 Programme was being formulated.  Volunteers for presentations are invited to contact one of the Committee or the Secretariat.



4.1  ‘Developments (over 25yrs) and Current Practices in Metal Sprayed Coating for Corrosion Protection’, Terry Lester, Metallisation (25th anniversary ‘hot’ topic)

4.2   ‘Corrosion Control and Materials Selection for Optimized Oil and Gas Asset Life’, Janardhan Saithala, GL Noble Denton

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:30 pm

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