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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 8th July 2015.


Phil Dent (Chairman) – Exova
Gary Masters (Vice-Chairman) E.ON Technologies (Ratcliffe) Ltd
Robin Jacob - CP Consultancy
Robin Oakley – QinetiQ
Carol Powell – CDA & NI
Pat Stokes – MACAW Engineering Ltd
Clive Tuck - Lloyd's Register EMEA
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Members & Guests: 
Ramoon Ahmed – MACAW Engineering
Xiaoxue An – Technip Umbilical Ltd (guest speaker)
Ryan Ashfield – Impalloy
Carl Atkinson – EDF Energy
James Bailey – MoD Warship Support
Richard Baily - Impalloy
Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
Ryan Day – Babcock DST (guest)
Andy Duncan – Intertek (guest speaker)
Steve Ellis – Cathelco
Clive Evans – Deepwater EU Ltd
Akin Fajimi - NeoNickel
Andy Fidoe – Babcock DST (guest)
Roger Francis – RF Materials
John Galsworthy – QinetiQ
Natalie Gilders – EDF Energy
Chris Googan – Anticorrosion Engineering
Steve Goring – BAC Corrosion Control

       Stuart Harvey – Proserv UK Ltd (guest speaker)
Ben Hooker – Babcock
Farkhanda Kauser – Rolls-Royce
Xiuqing Li – Heatric Ltd
Cerri Love - Babcock
Qing Lu – TWI
Juliana Measures – Cathelco
Sanjeev Naik - TWI
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies Ltd
Marco Rapone – GE Oil & Gas
Pierfranco Reccagni – Manchester University (student guest)
Nigel Redman – MoD Warship Support
Tom Reid – BAE Systems
Jamie Roberts – Herriot-Watt University (student guest)
Zsolt Ronafalvi – Corrpro Companies Europe
Bernd Sagebiel – KME Germany
Winston Shepherd - Impalloy
Ian Spring – Corrosion Prevention
Sweeney Stanley – Babcock DST (guest)
Keith Stokes – DSTL
John Thornhill – Wartsila (guest)
Laura Vivar – Leeds University (student guest)
Dan Wealthy – Wartsila (guest)
Mike Wilson – BAE Systems



     Henrik Andersen – Shell
Stephanie Corless – DNV GL
Dean Haley – MoD
Graham Hill - ECHA
Briony Holmes - TWI
Steve McCoy – PCC Special Metals

     Joseph Plummer – DSTL
Tony Staines - Langley Alloys
Ben Turner – Copper Alloys
Geoff Warburton - NeoNickel
Brian Wyatt (Committee) – Corrosion Control Associates

The Vice-chairman (Gary Masters) opened the meeting.  


1.1   ‘The Findings from HSE's KP4 Programme on Ageing & Life Extension’, Andy Duncan, Intertek Production & Integrity Assurance

1.2    ‘Subsea Friction Welding with ROVs or Divers for Cathodic Protection Retrofit Offshore’, Stuart Harvey & Dave Gibson, Proserv UK Ltd



There were no questions for the Open Forum.

3.     MCF NEWS

Robin Jacob (CP Consultancy) gave a summary of what the Joint Committee on New Entries to Corrosion Engineering had been doing. This committee was set up by ICorr with MCF and other interested parties to find ways of addressing the skills shortage in materials science in general, and corrosion control in particular. The committee are looking at ways of bringing corrosion engineering to the attention of both university students and schools as a possible career choice, and Robin mentioned some of the steps that have been taken so far. A programme, including collection and collation of data on industry recruitment needs, identification of engineers prepared to visit schools and mentor students, and preparation of written and practical material, is to be carried out over the summer. This is then to be piloted in two schools in Telford where Robin is a governor - talks with science departments in both have been very constructive.

[Note: at recent MCF meetings we have offered free places for up to 4 students, and 3 are taking advantage of this offer at today’s meeting].


4.1  ‘HISC of Super Duplex Stainless Steel in Offshore Application’, Xiaoxue An, Technip Umbilical Ltd

4.2   ‘Marine Growth Prevention Systems’, Julianna Measures, Cathelco

The meeting Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:30 pm

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