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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 6th July 2016.


Phil Dent (Chairman) – Exova
Robin Jacob - CP Consultancy
Robin Oakley – QinetiQ
Carol Powell – CDA & NI
Pat Stokes – MACAW Engineering Ltd
Clive Tuck - Lloyd's Register EMEA
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Members & Guests: 
Richard Baily – Impalloy
Angus Cook – University of Birmingham (student guest)
Mario Coseglio – University of Birmingham (guest speaker)
David Flemington – MoD
Roger Francis – RF Materials
John Galsworthy – QinetiQ
Chris Googan – Anticorrosion Engineering
Dean Haley – MoD
Stuart Hambling – BAE Systems
Ben Hooker – Babcock International
Briony Holmes - TWI
Qing Lu – TWI
Andy Mather – Rolls Royce

       Rd Panji Maulana – University of Manchester (student guest)
Maria Eleni Mitzithra – TWI
Gary Meusz – MoD
Madan Pal – BAE Systems
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies
Joseph Plummer - DSTL
Bernd Sagebiel –KME Germany GmbH & Co KG
Mark Snell – Applied Graphics Materials (guest)
Ian Spring – Corrosion Prevention
John Thornhill - Wartsila
Dan Wealthy – Wartsila
Gareth Williams – ECHA Microbiology



     Andrew Arnold – BAC Corrosion Control
John Baynham – BEASY
Nick Clark – GE Oil & Gas
Robin Coley – Aish Technologies
Richard Dawson – LR EMEA
Tim Froome – BEASY
Natalie Gilders – EDF Energy
Graham Hill – ECHA Microbiology
Chris Lynch - Corrpro
Andrew MacDonald – LR EMEA

     Gary Masters (Vice-Chairman) - Uniper Technologies
Shiladitya Paul – TWI
Jim Preston – Corrosion Prevention
Marco Rapone – GE Oil & Gas
Luke Tandoh - Aish Technologies
Nigel Ward – NI
William Wistance (Committee) – LR EMEA
Brian Wyatt (Committee) – Corrosion Control Associates

The Chairman (Phil Dent) opened the meeting.  


1.1   ‘Susceptibility of Low-temperature Plasma Nitrided 17-4 PH to Sulphide Stress Cracking in H2S-containing Environments’, Mario Coseglio, University of Birmingham

1.2    ‘Microbially Influenced Corrosion of Copper-Nickel Tubed Marine Coolers: investigations and solutions’, Robin Oakley, QinetiQ



1. A question was raised by Roger Francis (RF Materials) on the corrosion protection effectiveness of electroless nickel coatings on carbon steel in aerated seawater. An answer was given that it had been tried as a possible coating for a seawater application, but, as PTFE coating was the eventual one chosen for operation, the electroless nickel probably had not worked. It was felt generally that electroless nickel was too porous a coating to give good enough protection for carbon steel in aerated seawater.

2. A new publication has just been produced by the CDA. It is entitled ‘Copper alloys in Seawater: Avoidance of Corrosion’ by Roger Francis. Copies were available at the meeting and it can be downloaded from the CDA website.

3. Robin Jacob (CP Consultancy) gave an update on the IMCF/ICorr initiative to encourage school pupils into corrosion engineering as a career. At the moment, presentations are being developed which could be given at schools or careers fairs and volunteers are required to give these when they are available. Also, demonstration examples of corrosion failures are needed, so, if any members have such items or are interested in helping with the presentations, please let Robin know.

4. As they have just become members of the Marine Corrosion Forum, Wartsila were invited to give a short presentation about their company. John Thornhill explained that he and Dan Wealthy, who were at the meeting, worked for a division of Wartsila which was involved with seals and bearings for propulsion systems. Their biggest customer was the US Navy and another big customer was Rolls Royce (mainly thruster/water jet/electric pod operations). They provide systems and packages for corrosion protection of shafts and conversion of sealing systems (e.g. oil-sealed to water sealed bearings). Dealings with corrosion protection of systems can be challenging so Wartsila is now pleased to be a member of MCF and its network.

3.     MCF NEWS

It was announced that, after many years of excellent service to the Marine Corrosion Forum, Jean Tuck will be retiring as Secretariat at the end of the year. Therefore, if any members knew of anyone who might be interested in this position, they should contact Phil Dent or Jean Tuck.


4.1  ‘The Selection of Gaskets for Stainless Steel Seawater Piping Systems’, Roger Francis, RF Materials

4.2   ‘Developments in ‘Fitness for Purpose’ Sour Service Corrosion Testing’, Phil Dent, Exova

The meeting Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:30 pm

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