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Minutes of the General Meeting held at The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 5th July 2017.


Phil Dent (Chairman) – Exova
Robin Jacob - CP Consultancy
Mark Tur – CDA & NI
Clive Tuck – Hon Member
Gary Masters – Uniper Energy
Qing Lu – TWI
William Wistance – Lloyds Register EMEA
Brian Wyatt – Corrosion Control
Rodney Rice – Langley Alloys
Lewis Barton – MCF Secretariat

Members & Guests: 
John Galsworthy – QinetiQ
Lowrie Lavis – QinetiQ
Michael Lowden – Rolls Royce
Chris Evans – BAE Systems
Chris Googan – AntiCorrosion Engineering
Carol Powell – CDA & NI
Ian Perryman – Perryman Engineering

       Gary Meusz – MoD
Dean Haley – MoD
David Flemington - MoD
Lee Spoor – Sherwin-Williams (guest speaker)
Roger Francis – RF Materials
Pierfranco Reccagni – University of Manchester (student guest speaker)
Maria-Eleni Mitzithra – TWI
Stuart Hambling – BAE Systems
Chris Evans – BAE Systems
Gareth Williams – ECHA
Ramoon Ahmed – ROSEN UK
Michael Lowden – Rolls Royce
Tamara Chapman – Rolls Royce
Jim Preston – Corrosion Prevention
Ryan Ashfield – Impalloy
Antoine Reed – R-Tech Materials (guest)
Muntasir Hashim - NSIRC
Meena Jassal - Exova



     Pat Stokes (Committee) – ROSEN UK
Robin Oakley (Vice Chairman)- QinetiQ
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies
Robin Coley – Aish Technologies
Nigel Ward – Nickel Institute

     Tom Reid – BAE Systems
Mike Wilson – BAE Systems
Shiladitya Paul – TWI
Ivan Richardson – Metal Solutions

The Chairman (Phil Dent) opened the meeting.  


1.1   ‘The Effect of Chlorine Dioxide on Corrosion in Seawater', Roger Francis, RF Materials

1.2    ‘Direct Observation of Hydrogen Embrittlement in a Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Weld’, Pierfranco Reccagni, University of Manchester



1.      A question was raised by Ian Perryman as to “the Effect of TIG welded 304L stainless steel heat tint colours on corrosion resistance in Mono Ethanol Amine H2N-CH2CH2OH”. The debate concluded that the heat tint would cause no problem as the ethanol amine would not pose a risk to the stainless steel since it contained no electrolyte such as water. Any weld dressing or pickling would simple serve cosmetic purposes and would be unnecessary

2.      A new Edition of “Galvanic Corrosion – A Practical Guide for Engineers” has been produced by NACE by Roger Francis. Covers the basics of galvanic corrosion and galvanic problems in seawater, oil and gas, chemicals etc. Extensive discussion on methods of prevention. New in the latest edition is:

    a.    Data on other oilfield environments, such as injection waters, column pipes and lift pumps and new material combinations.
    b.    Additional data under atmospheric conditions.
    c.    New data in caustic soda.

Available from NACE, with the usual 25% discount for NACE members. Roger is also in negotiations with NACE regarding the costs of postage for hard copies of the book to members outside of the USA. However, eBooks are available for download

3.      Clive Tuck presented the meeting with a thank you card and message from Jean Tuck (ex Secretariat) for the kind gift that was given to her upon her retirement from the MCF. The card was printed with a watercolour, painted by Jean herself, of the Staffordshire Moorlands. The thank you message read:

    Dear MCF Members

    Thank you so much for the card and the generous cheque presented at the AGM for my retirement. I have bought an excellent pocket camera so as to be sure to have it with me when out walking the dogs, or holidaying with the family.

    It will also remind me of you all, and the very pleasant and interesting years spent with the Marine Corrosion Forum.

    Best wishes, Jean

3.     MCF NEWS

Members were reminded that some had still not payed their yearly membership. A reminder e-mail would be sent by the MCF at the beginning of August to give members time to pay if they had to chase up payments.


4.1  ‘The Real-Life Challenges When Protecting Marine Structures’, Lee Spoor, Sherwin-Williams

4.2   ’36 Inch Pipeline Coating Recommendation Case Study’, Ramoon Ahmed, ROSEN UK

The meeting Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:30 pm

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