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Minutes of the General Meeting held on Wednesday, 12th October 2011 at Lloyd's Register, Fenchurch Street, London.


Robin Oakley (Chairman) - QinetiQ
Phil Dent (Vice-Chairman) – Exova
Ben Hooker – Babcock
Robin Jacob - Corrosion Consultancy
Gary Masters - E.ON New Build & Technology
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Members & Guests
Ileigo Akagwu – Intecsea (guest)
Stephen Andrews – Clyde Pumps
Richard Baily - Impalloy
Ken Brown - QinetiQ
John Cleminson – Langley Alloys
Richard Dawson - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Roger Francis – Rolled Alloys
John Galsworthy - QinetiQ
Dennis Greaves – MoD

Majid Ghahari – University of Birmingham (guest speaker)
Tony Horner – Rolls Royce
Yin Jin Janin - TWI
Christos Kapsalis – KME Germany AG & Co KG
Kenji Kobayashi – Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd (guest)
Chi Lee – TWI
Carl Minall – Babcock
Malcolm Morris – Leighs Paints (guest speaker)
Stanley Nwaonu - Impalloy
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies Ltd
Carol Powell – CDA
Jan Przydatek – Lloyd’s Register
Keith Stokes – DSTL
Tanvir Sumon – Saipem Ltd
Alan Turnbull – NPL (guest speaker)
Alistair Walker – Cole & Swallow Materials Ltd (guest)
Colin Waylen - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Chris Wheatley – CJ Wiretech
Alison Weightman – Rolls-Royce


Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
Andrew Bell – Babcock
Andrew Byne – Lloyd’s Register
Geoff Camm – Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc
Peter Cutler – NI
Steve Ellis - Cathelco
Tony Gerrard – BAC Corrosion Control Ltd
Ian Hamilton – Aker Solutions (committee)

Jagath Mawella – MoD
Matthew Peet – CAPCIS (committee)
Darren Reid-Hutchings – EDF Energy
Clive Tuck – Lloyd’s Register EMEA (committee)
Julian Wharton – University of Southampton (committee)
Mike Wilson – BAE Systems
Brian Wyatt – Corrosion Control


The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Robin Oakley


1.1  ‘Evolution of Cracks from Corrosion Pits’, Alan Turnbull, NPL   

1.2  ‘Coating of Thermally Sprayed Metal Substrates’, Malcolm Morris, Leighs Paints  


2.      OPEN FORUM.  

2.1        Phil Dent gave a review of the EFC WP9 Meeting, looking particularly at topics of interest to MCF Members:

       •         Marine Corrosion in Renewable Energy Workshop at EFC Conference in Istanbul (Sept 2012):  

            –        Designers, owners, operators, subcontractors, technical advisers, inspectors and failure analysts as well as research groups in the marine corrosion problems related to the field.  

            –      The papers submitted could cover design history, material selection, maintenance, inspection, failures, monitoring, and future needs.   

            –      Specific topics could include corrosion of foundations – internally or externally, corrosion protection of turbines, atmospheric corrosion, corrosion fatigue risks, microbially influenced corrosion in sea bed and sea water, CP and CP modelling, failures and control of blades (polymer degradation), protective coatings etc.

   •         Marine Corrosion in Renewable Energy Informal workshop during the WP9 meeting, where industry participants will be encouraged to share case studies:

            –   These short 10-15 minutes presentations will not require a full paper and registration of contributions can be made up to 1 month before the conference.

           –   Also it will be up to the presenters’ discretion as to whether they will allow the presentation to be ‘published’ in the minutes of the WP9 meeting. This should ease the participation of industry parties and encourage the sharing of up to date information in a more informal way. 

 •         New ISO Crevice Corrosion Standard

        –    ISO are planning to prepare a test standard on Crevice corrosion.

        –   Standard to be based on work conducted by EFC members on the Crevcorr test method.  

        –   Standard to cover all forms of crevice corrosion testing in marine and other industries. 

  •        Further Information       

       -    MCF Website         

      –   EFC WP9 Chair:   Ulf Kivisakk (     

      –    EFC website

      –    Lisbeth Hilbert (  

      –   Phil Dent (     

      –   Information on the new ISO standard on crevice corrosion testing: Mari Sparr (


2.2              Ben Hooker (Babcock) asked for any experiences relating to hydrogen embrittlement in fasteners, resulting specifically from CP systems and/or an explanation for it when fasteners themselves were not corroding.  Tanvir Sumon, Chris Wheatley, Roger Francis, Dennis Greaves and Robin Jacob offered responses.  Consensus was that cathodic overprotection would cause hydrogen evolution at the surfaces acting as the cathode.  Since this could be any ‘protected’ area of a system the fasteners could also be affected.  The margin between having sufficient current to give protection but not too much that it could cause hydrogen embrittlement is reportedly quite narrow, therefore the preferred means of avoiding the phenomenon is to avoid susceptible materials e.g. very high-strength steels. 

2.3              Alan Turnbull from NPL announced that there have been recent field experience highlighting problems with internal corrosion of monopole structures on offshore wind turbines.  He suggested that the MCF may be an appropriate forum to discuss this issue. Alan also mentioned that TWI are working on this issue.  Further information can be obtained from Alan Turnbull at NPL.


3   MCF NEWS   

q     Venue for next meeting: The Chairman announced that the next meeting, which is to include the AGM, would be held on HMS Belfast.  This would be an excellent opportunity to visit this historic ship, and attendees would have the opportunity to make a tour of the ship at no charge. 

q       AGM: While thinking about the AGM, the Chairman said that the whole management committee was standing for re-election, but that there were TWO vacancies.  If would be helpful to fill at least some of these as this would bring fresh ideas and also help to ensure that there was a quorum for each committee meeting.  Any of the existing Committee would be pleased to explain what was involved, and nomination forms were available from the Secretariat.  He encouraged everyone to consider if they themselves were interested in joining the committee, or if they had other nominations.

q     Updated Flyer:  Although minor changes had been made to the main MCF advertising flyer, it is in need of a more complete re-design.  In particular, it requires new and up-to-date images.  Good quality images of marine structures and marine engineering would be very much welcomed by the Secretariat.



'New Investigations on Wall Shear Stresses of Copper Nickel Alloys in Natural and Artificial Seawater', Christos Kapsalis, KME Germany AG & Co. KG.

4.2  ‘Pitting Corrosion of Stainless Steel: Measuring and Modelling Pit Propagation’, Majid Ghahari, University of Birmingham School of Metallurgy and Materials 

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:15 pm


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