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Minutes of the General Meeting held on Wednesday, 24th October 2012 at Lloyd's Register, Fenchurch Street, London.


Robin Oakley (Chairman) - QinetiQ
Phil Dent (Vice-Chairman) – Exova
Ian Hamilton – Aker Solutions
Robin Jacob - Corrosion Consultancy
Clive Tuck – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Jean Tuck – MCF Secretariat

Members & Guests
Dorota Byall - Heatrix Ltd (guest)
John Baynham – BEASY
Emilie Bixquert – Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants (guest)
Mike Dale – MACAW Engineering Ltd (guest speaker)
Stuart Downie - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Ross Fielding – Deepwater EU Ltd
Tim Froome - BEASY
John Galsworthy - QinetiQ
Tony Gerrard – BAC Corrosion Control Ltd
Kenji Katoh - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Xiuqing Li – Heatrix Ltd (guest)

     Chris Lynch – Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd
Steve McCoy – Special Metals
Andrew Mather – Rolls Royce
Mike Moffat - Corrpro Companies Europe Ltd
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies Ltd
Joseph Plummer - DSTL
Carol Powell – CDA
Janardhan Saithala - GL Noble Denton (guest speaker)
Keith Stokes – DSTL
Tanvir Sumon – Saipem Ltd
Melissa Walker - Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants (guest)
Gareth Williams – ECHA Microbiology
Brian Wyatt – Corrosion Control


       Charlie Barraclough – Commtech Associates
Richard Dawson - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Steve Ellis – Cathelco
Dean Haley – MoD
Graham Hill – ECHA Microbiology
David Hillis – Total E&P UK
Ben Hooker- Babcock
Christos Kapsalis – KME Germany AG & Co KG
Jagath Mawella – MoD
Gary Masters – E.ON New Build & Technology (committee)

     Neil Moseley – Impalloy
Aneel Mumtaz – Cathelco
Jan Przydatek - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Darren Reid-Hutchings – EDF Energy
Bernd Sagebiel - KME Germany AG & Co KG
Peter Strawbridge - MoD
Peter Webster – CDA
Julian Wharton – University of Southampton (committee)
Mike Wilson – BAE Systems


The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Robin Oakley


1.1  ‘Full Ring Corrosion Test to Evaluate H2S Corrosion Susceptibility of a Subsea Pipeline in External Sour Environment’, Tanvir Sumon, Saipem Ltd  

1.2 ‘Effect of Process Variables on Corrosion Behaviour of Duplex Grades’, Janardhan Saithala, GL Noble Denton


2.      OPEN FORUM.  

2.1        Tanvir Sumon (Saipem Ltd) asked a question on service experience of using PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) lined carbon steel for subsea water injection flowlines at 80/90 °C. Unfortunately, the attendees did not have any experience of using PEX for the application.  He would welcome ideas from members not at the meeting.

2.2             Carol Powell (CDA) asked whether there was any knowledge of what sulphide levels constituted "polluted" in harbours, docksides and fitting out basins.  The meeting thought that up to 1-2ppm could be found but the real problem was the sediment where SRBs lived; if this was disturbed, there might be transient levels of  around say 25ppm.

2.3             Robin Oakley (QinetiQ) raised the issue of corrosion under tiling in ship shower rooms, both in terms of possible Non-Destructive Inspection methods and also preventative measures.  Several attendees suggested possible causes of the observed corrosion, and then possible modifications of the flooring system to prevent future occurrence were discussed.


3   MCF NEWS   

q     Anniversary & AGM: The Chairman reminded members that 2013 was the 25th Anniversary of the Marine Corrosion Club/Forum (the name change having been due to the greater clarity of purpose in ‘Forum’ than in ‘Club’).  Each of the meetings would include a topic that was of interest in 1988 as well as in 2013.  The first meeting of 2013, which would include the AGM, will be held on HMS Belfast.  This historic ship is moored on the Thames in London. 

q        The Committee were planning a small change to the Constitution, which would be explained for the AGM, regarding Honorary Membership.   

The Committee also needs to be expanded to ensure that its meetings are quorate, since pressure of work often keeps some of the members away.  The 4 meetings are held at 9.30am before each of the general meetings, all remaining business being conducted by e-mail.  Anyone interested in volunteering should ask the Chairman or Secretariat for further details.



4.1  ‘Mathematical Modelling of Cathodic Protection Anode Currents - comparison with classical equations, and the impact of interference effects for anode sleds’,
John Baynham & Tim Froome, BEASY

4.2  ‘Corrosion Issues in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry’,
Mike Dale, MACAW Engineering Ltd

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:30 pm


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