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Minutes of the General Meeting held on Wednesday, 26th October 2016 at Lloyd's Register, Fenchurch Street, London.


Phil Dent – Exova (Chairman)
Gary Masters – Uniper Technolgies (Vice-Chairman)
Robin Jacob – CP Consultancy
Robin Oakley – QinetiQ
Carol Powell – CDA/NI
Pat Stokes - MACAW Engineering
Clive Tuck – MCF Committee
William Wistance – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Jean Tuck – Secretariat

Members & Guests
Charlotte Bath – DNV GL
Alex Delwiche – Deepwater EU Ltd
Stuart Downie – Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Andy Duncan – Intertek Production & Integrity Assurance
David Flemington - MoD
Roger Francis – RF Materials
John Galsworthy – QinetiQ
Chris Googan – Anticorrosion Engineering
Muntasir Hashim – Manchester University (student guest)
Ben Hooker – Babcock International

Michael Lowden – Rolls Royce
Qing Lu - TWI
Mike Lytwyn – QinetiQ
Gary Meusz – MoD
Carl Minall – Babcock International
Maria-Eleni Mitzithra - TWI
Richard Perkins – Aish Technologies
Ian Perryman – Perryman Engineering (guest)
Joseph Plummer – DSTL
Jim Preston – Corrosion Prevention Ltd
Buddy Reams – NACE International (guest)
Alan Rose - Wartsilla
Steven Street – University of Birmingham (guest speaker)
John Thornhill - Wartsilla
Farah Ullah– NACE International (guest)


       George Ballingall – Corrpro
Laura Barclay – GE Oil & Gas
John Baynham – BEASY
David Buxton - Intertek
Nick Clark – GE Oil & Gas
Chris Eley – EDF Energy
Steve Ellis – Cathelco
Ross Fielding – Impalloy
Graham Hill - ECHA
Chris Lynch – Corrpro
Andy Mathers – Rolls Royce
Neil Moseley - Impalloy
Aneel Mumtaz – Cathelco

     Madan Pal – BAE Systems
Shiladitya Paul -TWI
Marco Rapone – GE Oil & Gas
Tom Reid – BAE Systems
Ivan Richardson – Copper Alloys
Ian Spring – Corrosion Prevention
Tony Staines – Langley Alloys
Ben Turner – Copper Alloys
Geoff Warburton – NeoNickel
Gareth Williams - ECHA
Mike Wilson – BAE Systems
Brian Wyatt – Corrosion Control (Committee)

The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Phil Dent (Exova).


1.1  ‘Asset Integrity Management and the Law’, Andy Duncan, Intertek Production and Integrity Assurance

1.2  ‘The Effects of Microstructure and Material Hardness on the HAC and Corrosion Susceptibility of Martensitic Stainless Steels’, Michael Lowden, Rolls-Royce

2.      OPEN FORUM.  

2.1     Robin Oakley (QinetiQ) raised the case of a peculiar colouration seen on 304 stainless steel in an assembled component which had been at a temperature of 300-400°C under vacuum (10-5 mbar) for an extended period. The material had been electron beam welded in 2012, this being followed by alumina grit blasting, cleaning in Decon 90 and passivation in 20% nitric acid. The materials were stored for two months under clean atmospheric conditions before being used in the assemblies in a vertical position. The surface of one of the stainless steel items has been found to develop grey patches, size 10-15mm, with slightly more discolouration showing on the welded areas. Although this does not appear to be detrimental to the operation of the components, an explanation of the phenomenon is required to be assess the likelihood for future problems.

Suggested explanations were that it could be contamination from other components in the system, such as mesh or it could be the beginning of a high temperature film, although a likely candidate, wustite, is not stable below 700°C. Perhaps the low partial pressure in this case allows it to be stable at these lower temperatures.

2.2      Ben Hooker (Babcock International) asked whether there was any experience on the effect of laser ablation of metal surfaces on corrosion behaviour. Roger Francis had experience of laser ablation of copper alloys. Apparently Babcock are using it on 90/10 copper-nickel and wonder about using it on other materials, such as stainless steel, where a martensitic layer may be induced. It was agreed that the rapid thermal cycling could induce such metallurgical changes but nobody had direct experience to report.  

2.3      Robin Oakey reported that the work to update DEF STAN 02704 (Cathodic Protection of Naval Ships) is about to start, therefore he will be contacting various members in due course on this subject. Any suggestions from members on possible improvements would be welcomed. 

2.4      Buddy Reams, visiting from NACE International, introduced himself to the meeting. His background is ship design and engineering. His aim in visiting the UK was to publicise NACE International 

3   MCF NEWS   

Robin Jacob (CP Consultancy) gave an update on the ICorr/MCF initiative to encourage school pupils into corrosion engineering as a career. ICorr are putting together a stand to take to Careers Fairs and the first of these has now been booked in Wolverhampton for February 2017. Photographs of corrosion failures are still needed – these will be gratefully received. A suggestion was made that photographs of the fairly recent corrosion failures relating to one of the car parks in Wolverhampton would be particularly topical.


4.1 ‘Hull Biofouling - Still an Area of Growth’, Stuart Downie, Lloyd’s Register EMEA

4.2 ‘Role of Highly Concentrated Solutions in Atmospheric Corrosion of Austenitic Stainless Steels’, Steven Street, University of Birmingham

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:35 pm


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