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Minutes of the General Meeting held on Wednesday, 25th October 2017 at Lloyd's Register, Fenchurch Street, London.


Robin Jacob - CP Consultancy Ltd
Robin Oakley - QinetiQ
Clive Tuck - Marine Corrosion Forum
William Wistance - Lloyd's Register Global Technology Centre
Lewis Barton - Marine Corrosion Forum

Members & Guests
ChrisGoogan - Anticorr
Richard Perkins - Aish Technologies Limited
Shiladitya Paul - TWI
Rosa Griñón Echaniz - University of Leicester
Berenika Syrek-Gerstenkorn - National Structural Integrity Research Centre
         and the University of Birmingham
Stephen Herd - Southampton University
Ian Perryman - Perryman Engineering
Linda Forbes - Scribbilib Consultancy Ltd
Ian Laing - ROSEN UK
Stuart Hambling - BAE Systems
Mark Lydon - BAE Systems

Aneel Mumtaz - Cathelco Ltd
Richard Green - Cathelco Ltd
Alex Delwiche - Deepwater EU Ltd
Geoff Camm - Deepwater EU Ltd
Steve Hankins - Deepwater EU Ltd
Chris Lynch - Corrpro
David Flemington - MOD
Gary Meusz - MOD
Muntasir Hashim - University of Manchester
Gareth Williams - ECHA Microbiology
Alexander Newman - QinetiQ
Sue Oakley - QinetiQ
John Thornhill - Wartsila UK
Alan Rose - Wartsila UK
Dan Wealthy - Wartsila UK
Mario Sergio Della Roverys Coseglio - University of Birmingham
Peter Cossins - Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd


       Carol Powell - CDA
Jim Preston - Corrosion Prevention
Roger Francis - RF Materials
Natalie Gilders - EDF Energy
Brian Wyatt - Corrosion Control (Committee)
Ivan Richardson - Metal Solutions UK
Mark Tur - CDA (Committee)
Qing Lu - TWI (Committee)
Gary Masters - Uniper Energy

     Graham Hill - ECHA Microbiology
George Ballingall - Aegion
Ian Spring - Corrosion Prevention
John Baynham - Beasy
Richard Dawson - Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Rob Coley - Aish Technologies Limited
Tim Froome - Beasy
Dean Haley - MOD
Phil Dent - Exova (Chairman)

The meeting was opened by the Vice-Chairman, Robin Oakley (QinetiQ).


1.1  1.1 ‘Corrosion Protection of Offshore Structures using Thermal Spray Coatings’, Shiladitya Paul, TWI

1.2  ‘Performance of Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) in Marine Environments - A fundamental study of the effect of seawater constituents’, Rosa Grinon, University of Leicester

2.      OPEN FORUM.  

2.1     Ian Laing (ROSEN) presented the question 'The corrosion industry has moved through periods of prescriptive, risk and predictive maintenance; RBI and now more predictive modelling management strategies. Does the panel think the move to the ideology of zero corrosion can be realistically achieved; 24/7 continuous monitoring SMART systems? Do we not have enough collective data to start developing accurate prediction systems now!?'

The question was posed to all the attendees. Overall it was considered that 24 hr monitoring is very costly and is very hard to maintain there is also the added complication of if monitoring locations are in the correct place.

Predictive models have been used and considered before, however their complexity is the main issue regarding their implementation and therefore the confidence in each model is low.

2.2      Robin Oakley (Qinetic) gave an example of engineering ethics. 'On his recent holiday the Hotel he was staying had problems with a relatively new domestic biomass boiler system. It was found to be corrosion of the boiler tubes as a result of incorrect water quality within the system. The recommended pH of the water was below that of the actual however the regular service had not identified this as an issue and the manufacturer denied all responsibility as it was noted in the owner’s manual'

The question was posed to the members if there should be more emphasis on customer care within the industry. Biomass boilers are not uncommon commercially where there are teams of asset engineers monitoring things like water quality, however in the domestic setting are manufacturers placing too much responsibility on owners who are not equipped to deal with such systems.


3   MCF NEWS   

Robin Jacob (CP Consultancy) gave an update on the actions of the MCF, this included the recent outreach to schools and the recent employers fair at Wolverhampton. In addition to this Robin also discussed the collaboration with the University of Staffordshire and the institute of apprenticeships developing an apprenticeship degree in materials science. However the proposed course was rejected as it was recommended that it should provide “deep expertise” in a particular material type. As such the course syllabus is being resubmitted. There is continuous involvement by the MCF, i.e. Robin and Phil, and the course development is something we will keep an eye on.


4.1 ‘Interpreting Offshore CP Field Data’, Alex Delwiche, Deepwater EU Ltd

4.2 ‘‘Corrosion of Cemented Tungsten Carbide (WC-Co) with a View to Understanding Degradation of Drill Bits’, Stephen Herd, Southampton University

The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3:35 pm


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