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Membership is open to Companies and Organisations with marine and corrosion interests.

The current (2019) annual subscription is only 760.00 for Full Corporate Membership, 460.00 for Sole Traders, which is to cover the cost of the room hire charges, catering, speaker costs and secretariat expenses.  A reduction of 100 per year is offered for prompt payment of renewals. 

Membership is on an annual basis January-December although a pro-rata (quarterly basis) cost is applied for companies joining within this period.  Payment is possible by cheque or EFT, or by Paypal - see below.

For Overseas Members who cannot attend more than one meeting per year, the annual fee is 460 (with reductions for prompt renewals, but an additional charge if payment is not in sterling).

Details of the Constitution will be supplied upon request. Please contact the Secretariat if you would like more information, or an invitation to attend a future meeting.

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